Samhain 2021

4H conference
Hosted by various hosts (see below)



Michele Olzi – The Eternal Esoteric Feminine in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art


Ignatius Kal – Saturn-Aghori


Marcus Stiglegger – Is There an Occult Cinema?


Peter Grey – Who killed Jack Parsons?


Mauricio Loza and Gabriel García – Eros Unchained,a documentary series on the magical origins of advertising


Carlos M. Pla – Aurora Dorada: Occult, underground and countercultural publishing in Spain


Tom Banger – Psychogadgetry

Susan Wands – Using the Rituals of Tarot on Samhain: How to Harvest Your Fears


Shea Bile – By Horn, Hoof, and Crown: Acts of devotion in Traditional and
Contemporary diabolism


Hagen Von Tulien – THANATOS RITE
A Chaosmagical Samhain Saturn Working
(Who wants to live forever. Long Live Death.)