Heretical Witchcraft, the Natal Chart, and The Will of the Witch

12-13 March 2022
15:00 to 19:30 (GMT+1) Sat/Sun
Hosted by Helena van El



This webinar is a philosophical and experiential journey into what it is to practice heretical witchcraft using one’s astrological natal chart as a primary tool of insight, and for planning ritual and magickal work in the pursuit of one’s Will. All participants will receive a copy of their natal chart, which will be used throughout the webinar for their individual benefit.


Based on the rejection of imposed societal norms, systems and structures except insofar as they make sense to the Witch, heretical witchcraft can be understood to be: A conscience-driven, initiatic decision of life, fashioned by the Will of the Witch under their authority and responsibility alone, and incorporating whatsoever occult systems, technologies and interactions as they so choose towards the full realization of who they are and why.


Calling upon the innate power of the Witch as illuminated by their natal chart, this webinar will teach relevant astrologically-based tools and techniques, woven together with the sublime beauty of the mysteries. Intending to provoke deep thought and a unique vision of an ancient way of being via theory, discussion, practicality and meaningfulness, the following topics will be covered:


The Heretical Witch: A new understanding of heresy and the heretical as a framework for how we live, and who and what we love.


Fall to Your Knees: An awe-filled view of that very precise and giant clock in which our earth – this “pale blue dot” – participates as part of our solar system.


Know Thyself: De-coding the natal chart (tropical tradition) towards the validation of one’s shadow and abyss; the soul; and the mirror as primary sources of power and knowledge.


Enacting your Will: The planetary cycles and using them in conjunction with one’s natal chart for individualized and optimum planning of magick and ritual.


Effigies and Talismans: Core astronomical and astrological concepts in making connections, bindings, protections and spellcraftings for genuine manifestation and lasting effect.


Making this Life Count: Once a Witch, always a Witch… if there is no turning back, how shall we then live?


To ensure meaningful learning, each of the above topics will have a theoretical component, an emotional experience(s), and a practical tool or skill-based outcome. There will as well be a comprehensive resource list and bibliography made available to participants, for further learning and development.
While a knowledge of astrology is not required for this webinar, it would be a helpful primary to read through the following on Astrodient’s website ( All about Astrology – Overview; Astrology Basics: A Brief Introduction to Astrology; First Steps in Astrology, and Astrology and Psychology.


Join Helena for a powerful and profound exploration of the world heretical witchcraft, the natal chart, and the Will of the Witch.


Helena van El 


The occult is Helena’s life-long passion; from a young age she has been a student and practitioner of the Mysteries and the esoteric realms. She has a particular affinity for planetary and astrological magick, and has been a working Astrologer for over 20 years. She writes, teaches and presents on the themes of existential meaning, Will, death, and agnostic occult practice and philosophy. Helena is an author with Anathema Publishing; having contributed to several editions of PILLARS, and has a spring 2022 publication of The Serpent Ikons: A Sorcerous Distortion of the Tarot de Marseille Major Arcana, elaborated and created alongside Shandi AzK Bouscatier.


Helena is also a specialist in conflict resolution, and a certified trauma-informed practitioner. In this field she is professional mediator, a university professor, and an author. She brings to her work a deep empathy and compassion for the human condition.


Artist in the Image: Shandi AzK Bouscatier, from The Serpent Ikons: a Sorcerous Distortion of the Tarot de Marseille Major Arcana, Anathema Publishing Ltd.

Helena holds a BA in Religious Studies and an MA in Human Systems Intervention. Located outside of Ottawa, Canada, she lives and works in her forest sanctuary known as Allhallows, in the good company of fauna, flora, and non-material beings. Helena can be reached at