From Quimbanda to Tantric Buddhism

19-20 February 2022
15:00 to 19:30 (GMT+1) Sat/Sun
Hosted by Verónica Rivas (Melong Yeshe)



From Quimbanda to Tantric Buddhism. My spiritual journey to the red Enchantress Kurukulla.


“A smouldering Force…
The Primordial Source from which everything emanates,
And to which all returns.
You turned into Earth and You turned into breath,
And in blood you became…
And your breath turned into my breath,
And Your blood into my blood…
Oh Great Kurukulla!
Your Flame burns Inside me!!!”


At a certain point in my spiritual journey, two paths, Quimbanda and Vajrayana Buddhism, which seemed to be completely opposite, intersected, integrating with each other in a completely unexpected way. This fact lead me to further my research especially from a philosophical and anthropological point of view. In this webinar I would like to share my experience as a practitioner since I encountered a wonderful and powerful spirit known as Maria Padilha of the Souls. I can say that this encounter changed completely my idea of spirituality, but this was for me a difficult process of perceiving new realities that lead me to question all that I had learned until then.
After a time of struggling with my beliefs and my logical way of perceiving my reality, questions like what is the meaning of a spiritual path or what is to be a practitioner embarked me in a process of exploring new techniques in a more holistic way. In certain moment the events of my life put me in contact with Reiki and I became a Reiki Master. When I started to live Reiki as a spiritual path all things started to make sense for me, and I discovered a new way of living spirituality. Through Maria Padilha of the Souls I was introduced to a new energy that lead me to discover the marvelous Kurukulla.
Kurukulla is a goddess of tribal origins, initially venerated as a protector by various nomadic clans who related her to fertility and material affairs, yet also considered her dangerous and fearsome. Progressively, the goddess was incorporated into the Buddhist pantheon, and during this process, Kurukulla acquired some different roles and lost others. Many practices were developed related to issues such as protection against animals and certain diseases, obtaining influential positions in society, love affairs, and even getting rid of one’s enemies. Kurukulla is a deity considered the goddess of eroticism, the mistress of enchantments and bewitchment, who uses desire as a weapon for transcendence. Practicing with Kurukulla allows us to reach our true nature by making our daily life, our fears and weaknesses, the very source of liberation.
At the end of this webinar, we will perform a short invocation which is intended to openly and freely establish a connection with the deity. It will be presented in a simple and understandable way. We will also talk about other ways of establishing contact with the deity such as offerings, devotionals and the importance and meaning of meditation from a Tantric perspective.




– Introducing myself
– Starting to walk a spiritual path.
– Brief introduction about the Afro-brazilian cult known as Quimbanda. Exu and Pombagira.
– Tantric Buddhism and the role of the Dakini.
– Comparative analysis between Pombagira and Dakini.
– How Maria Padilha led me to the goddess Kurukulla.
– Kurukulla as a goddess of Magic and bewitchment. Historical background. Iconographical analysis.
– A short invocation using part of the practice of my book.


Verónica Rivas (Melong Yeshe) is an Uruguayan author and researcher based in Brazil. Her cosmological and anthropological studies in magical practices among Eastern cultures led her to become interested in healing techniques. When she became a Reiki Master, she started to research the possibilities of integrating Reiki techniques with other forms of energy work, using her academic training in Philosophy as an epistemological background. Verónica is also an initiated practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism (Esoteric Buddhism), focusing her practical work in the deity known as Kurukulla. Currently, her research is focused on female deities and spirits of the Vajrayana and Hindu traditions, and Maria de Padilla and her connection with Quimbanda.


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